Anderson strikes after England declare

2.2 overs Anderson to Kraigg Brathwaite, out Caught by Bairstow!! Top nut from Anderson. How do you play that? Set him up with a few inswingers in the first over and now he gets one to swerve away - just enough - off the deck.
Brathwaite pushes hard off the front foot and ekes a feather of a nick to the keeper. Brathwaite looked guilty the moment appeal was made, and he walked away soon after the umpire's verdict. Kraigg Brathwaite c Bairstow b Anderson 0(8)

Cook knocks ends at 243 as England declare

17:58 local: Cook and Root made a mockery of the West Indian bowling. Dawid Malan had his share of fun before throwing it away. The rest will rue the fact that didn't score many. Now, up to the bowlers!
The pitch seems like a featherbed; if you're a batsman you would probably consider some real-estate business. But, can West Indies stand tall against the quality of Anderson-Broad combo and the outrageously talented Toby Roland-Jones? 

A successful review ends Alastair Cook's innings on 243

135.5 overs Roston Chase to Cook, out Lbw!! Roston Chase goes for the review straightaway. Cook OUT lbw? No bat. UltraEdge proves the same. Three reds and that's it from Cook. He trickles off the field, much like his boundary strokes. And England have declared. Amazing scenes here at Edgbaston:
Root signals the declaration while acknowleding Cook's marathon effort. The spectators rise as one, cheer...clap and drool over the class and bloody-mindedness of Alastair Nathan Cook. Not even a single West Indian missed congratulating Cook. Cook lbw b Roston Chase 243(407) [4s-33]

Holder removes Jonny Bairstow

130.4 overs Holder to Bairstow, out Bowled!! The sharp in-ducker does the job. The ball nibbled in, Bairstow was cramped on the poky-push and the inside edge shatters the woodwork.
It landed well outside off and Bairstow moved towards the line of the ball but left a gap between bat and pad. The ball found the inner edge and disturbed the sticks. Bairstow has a puzzled look on his face as he departs. Bairstow b Holder 18(33) [4s-1]

Stokes departs in quest for quick runs

121.1 Overs Roston Chase to Stokes, out Caught by Blackwood!! The reverse paddle finds the man at slip. The shoulder of the bat was found and Blackwood at slip takes a smart catch.
He initially dodged a movement to his left but then stayed steady to take a catch to his right with a reverse cup. Stokes c Blackwood b Roston Chase 10(14) [4s-2]

Malan falls Just before the Lunch

Lunch, day 2: A session that underscores and underlines how the once mighty Windies have fallen. They have not only fallen, but are almost dead. At times during the two hours of play, it looked like this was not an international quality bowling attack on display.
The day began under the bright sun, with a well-rested attack, armed with a newish ball - perfect setting to bowl your heart out and make some inroads. How wrong you were! Roach and Holder bowled 10 overs of utter tripe where a majority of the balls were either well outside off or on the pads.

Cook double ton flattens WI

112.2 overs Roach to Cook, FOUR, 200 for Alastair Cook. What an easy 200. Compared to his other three efforts of over 200. But take nothing away from the innings. I can't recollect an instance of a half-chance in that innings, let alone a full one. Granted a few controlled edges went through the cordon, but he hasn't put a foot wrong. Typical Cook innings - showing monumental powers of concentration, discipline and putting the bad balls away.
There were a lot of them mind and he didn't miss out. After a lean run against South Africa, the Cook of old is back and back with a bang. Time to fill your boots against a pedestrain, second-rate Windies attack with another couple of games to go in the summer. This is how he got there to the landmark: what a shambles that is from the third man fielder! Sums up Windies very well - that piece of fielding. A full and swinging delivery outside off, lured Cook into the drive, away from the body, 
went through the vacant gully position and it was just one, but Joseph is nutmegged and it runs away for four. Cook sticks his tongue out and takes in all the applause from the crowd and his mates. Had a wry smile on his face as he waved the bat to all corners of the Edgbaston crowd.